Why invest in a day-of coordinator for your wedding?

As one of the most commonly asked questions of our day-of coordinators, we wanted to shed some light on the importance of investing in a day-of coordinator for your wedding day, if you have not yet done so already.

Close your eyes for a moment and envision your wedding morning. You are getting ready with your bridesmaids, completely excited for your walk down the aisle, and it dawns on you. Where is your groom-to-be? Are he and his groomsmen getting ready? Did they oversleep? Did they remember to followup with the car service? Who will be bringing the final payments and gratuities for the vendors? Did your parents remember? Did anyone in your Bridal Party remember? You immediately start to worry and that worry turns into stress on your wedding day. Is that really how you want to remember the first few hours of your wedding day?

Your day-of coordinator will not only be there to make sure everything is taken care of at your ceremony and reception, but they will be there to make sure your entire day is stress free and completely enjoyable. From making sure your Groom and his Groomsmen are ready to go on time, to ensuring that all your gifts are packed away and sent to the right location at the end of your wedding, a day-of coordinator gives you the piece of mind you, your Bridal Party and your families deserve on your wedding day. After all, you and your guests only get to enjoy your wedding day once, so why not let yourselves enjoy being the honorary couple and let your family and friends enjoy being guests without missing a single unforgettable moment.